Beer Game: Supply Chain Simulation

Supply chain simulation

Legendary simulation game from the 60s used in teaching environments to demonstrate a number of key principles of supply chain management.

Real time multiplayer experience

Co-developed with IESE Business School. Revamped to become a real time, interactive multiplayer experience, perfect for graduates and executive education programs.

Efficient group debriefing

Group debriefing guarantees memorable insights while simulation provides simple and user-friendly interface for the instructor.

The Beer Game, a legendary supply chain simulation from the 1960s, has been revamped and co-developed with the esteemed IESE Business School to deliver an engaging, real-time multiplayer experience. This interactive simulation is perfect for graduate students and executive education programs, aiming to teach participants the fundamental principles of supply chain management and the complexities of balancing supply and demand.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key principles of supply chain management and its impact on business operations.
  • Develop decision-making skills to effectively manage supply chain challenges and minimize the bullwhip effect.
  • Enhance collaboration and communication among participants in a real-time multiplayer environment.
  • Gain insights from efficient group debriefing sessions to reinforce learning and encourage continuous improvement.

The Beer Game simulation places participants in various roles within a supply chain, including manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer. The objective is to manage inventory levels and order quantities to minimize overall costs while meeting customer demand. Participants must collaborate and make strategic decisions, taking into consideration lead times, transportation costs, and the dynamic nature of supply and demand.

The simulation provides a user-friendly interface for instructors and participants, and the real-time multiplayer experience fosters a competitive and engaging learning environment. Group debriefing sessions ensure memorable insights and enhance understanding of supply chain management concepts.

  • Based on the legendary Beer Game simulation, a proven and effective learning tool for supply chain management education.
  • Co-developed with the renowned IESE Business School, ensuring high-quality content and academic rigor.
  • Real-time multiplayer experience that promotes collaboration, communication, and competition among participants.
  • Efficient group debriefing sessions that reinforce learning outcomes and provide valuable insights for continuous improvement.

The Beer Game simulation offers a hands-on learning experience that teaches participants the critical aspects of supply chain management in an engaging and interactive manner. By participating in this simulation, learners will be better equipped to understand the intricacies of supply chain operations and make informed decisions that contribute to efficient and effective supply chain management.

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