Relic Island - Negotiation Simulation

Negotiation simulation

Relic Island is the scenario of a competitive battle for profits between tourist transport companies. Will they collaborate to achieve a peaceful solution or will they lose it all over fighting?

Real time multiplayer experience

Co-developed with IESE Business School with a case written by Kandarp Mehta and Guido Stein. Designed with real time, as an interactive multiplayer experience, perfect for graduates and executive education programs.

Efficient group debriefing

Group debriefing guarantees memorable insights while simulation provides simple and user-friendly interface both for the instructor and the student.

Relic Island is a competitive negotiation simulation set amidst a battle for profits between tourist transport companies. Co-developed with the esteemed IESE Business School and based on a case written by Kandarp Mehta and Guido Stein, this real-time multiplayer experience is perfect for graduate students and executive education programs. The simulation aims to teach participants the art of negotiation, game theory, and collaboration in a high-stakes competitive environment.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop negotiation skills and strategies to navigate challenging business conflicts and reach mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Enhance collaboration and communication abilities to achieve peaceful solutions in competitive scenarios.
  • Understand the importance of balancing self-interest with collaborative efforts in a business context.
  • Gain insights from efficient group debriefing sessions that reinforce learning and encourage continuous improvement.

The Relic Island simulation places participants in the role of stakeholders in competing tourist transport companies. They must navigate a tense environment and negotiate with one another to reach a peaceful resolution or risk losing everything in the battle for profits. The real-time multiplayer experience fosters an engaging and competitive learning environment where participants must hone their negotiation skills and work collaboratively to achieve success.

The simulation features a user-friendly interface for both instructors and participants, allowing them to focus on the learning experience. Group debriefing sessions ensure memorable insights and facilitate a deeper understanding of negotiation strategies and conflict resolution techniques.

  • Co-developed with the renowned IESE Business School and based on a case written by Kandarp Mehta and Guido Stein, ensuring high-quality content and academic rigor.
  • Interactive, real-time multiplayer experience that engages participants in a competitive negotiation scenario.
  • Teaches effective negotiation skills, game theory concepts and the importance of collaboration in a business context.
  • Efficient group debriefing sessions that provide valuable insights, reinforce learning outcomes, and promote continuous improvement.

The Relic Island simulation offers an immersive and hands-on learning experience that teaches participants the critical aspects of negotiation and conflict resolution in a competitive business environment. By participating in this simulation, learners will be better equipped to navigate challenging negotiations and reach mutually beneficial outcomes in their professional lives.

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